[ pointbdesign ] Footbridge Site Strategy - Recursive Branching Algorithm for LAAB

Point b recently served as consultants on an architectural project with LAAB - Laboratorio de Arquitectura Alejandro Biguria. Point b was asked to develop a branching algorithm in RhinoScript that allowed LAABto study various site strategies for the plan of an eco-resort inPuerto Rico. The branching algorithm then translates to a series ofelevated footbridges that connect various parts of the resort.

The Script asks for polylines or curves as input geometry, thengenerates branches from those curves elevated above the topographybased on a number of user input variables, including number ofgenerations, density, height above surface, etc. Once the branches aregenerated, a series of vertical branches connect the footbridges to thetopography. To facilitate costing estimates, the dimension of everyvertical and horizontal branch is exported to excel and labeled inRhino.

Working this way enabled the output from each iteration to beevaluated and the data to be used as feedback in successive iterations.A hallmark of the Point b methodology, this generative approach leadsto a highly saturated set of potential solutions.

The Footbridge Assembly Logic

The Footbridges at Night

Iteration 01 - Plan & Axon

Iteration 02 - Plan & Axon

Iteration 03 - Plan & Axon

Iteration 04 - Plan & Axon

Iteration 05 - Plan & Axon

Iteration 06 - Plan & Axon

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