[ Stacy Levy ] Kept Out

Down to Earth: Artists Create Edible Landscapes, Fall, 2009. Two exclosures: each 40’ x 10’ x 8’ metal and plastic. Two sites (both facing a great deal of pressure from their deer populations): Ridge and Valley region and Schuylkill Environmental and Education Center, Piedmont region. Curated by Amy Lipton, Co-director of ecoartspace.

Deer are innocent accomplices in the destruction of the forest habitat. In many forests, tree seedlings are nipped off by hungry deer, resulting in a lack of young saplings to replace the dying older trees. Deer exclosures, fenced areas to keep deer out, protect the forest plants from the deer’s grazing. The interior spaces will fill with young saplings and shrubs, and overtime, green growth will obliterate the blue haze of fencing. Though small, theses plots provide a striking visual alternative to the typical methods of controlling deer impact; bringing new form to the function of exclosure.

from  stacylevy


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