[a - asterisk] two-by-block


two- by - block by a - asterisk

'two - by - block'  is a proposal by japanese firm a - asterisk for a small shop in
the town of hokkaido. with a floor area of 30 square meters the shop is constructed
using leftover scraps of wood.

the project involves a special construction method, where the initial structure is built
in the winter time using a snow mountain as a base to create the exterior.

'two - by - block' was designed as part of the rokkatei competition

offcuts of wood

the wooden pieces are connected with a steel ring

construction method
1: making a small snow mountain in winter

2: laying two by two blocks, with the small snow mountain as a guide

3: the snow is dissolved in the spring

the shop is situated over a lake

in the summer time

by designboom


Designed by JB FACTORY