*오스카 니마이어에게 오픈 플래닝을 묻다 [ Felipe Hess and Renata Pedrosa ] Oscar Niemeyer's Refurbishment

오스카 니마이어의 개인주택 리뉴얼 프로젝트
살아있는 전설 오스카 니마이어가 설계한 개인주택의 리뉴얼
프로젝트 입니다.
주요 구조체를 제외한 나머지를 철거하고 다시 계획하였는데
리니어하게 길게 뻗은 오픈플랜의 장점에
덧붙여 가변으로 열리는 플렉시블 도어를
통한 침실구성이 특징이네요.
지금의 개인 고급주거에 어울리는 오픈플랜구조이지만
니마이어와 같이 선구자가 시도할 당시에는
이해 안돼는 구조였죠.
모던건축가 이전에는 명확한 실로 구성된
벽식구조의 셀개념의 주거형태가 주되였으니까요.
지금의 우리가 살고 있는 아파트는 세대원이 많아
방이 개수를 많이 해야 하고 그에 따른 경제적인 구조형태(벽식구조)
와 맞물려서 지금의 주거형태를 보이고 있지요.
하지만 경제적 발전과 가족개념의 소형화가 진행되면서
 실의 개수를 늘리는 구조형태보다는 1인또는 2인이
전체 공간을 누릴 수 있는 형태 즉, 오픈 플래닝 구조로
바뀌고 있지요. 비록 고급개인주택에 한해서 그렇긴 하지만요.
소형 원룸이 있지만 진정한 오픈플래닝은 아니죠..
Architects: Felipe Hess and Renata Pedrosa
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Project area: 140sqm
General Contractor: Pórtico Engenharia
Concrete furniture: Onofre
Project Year: 2008-2009
Photographs: Fran Parente
With every new awakening comes new inspiration. With every brand new day comes new adventure, new drive and new motivation. With the very first day of the new beginning comes a new clean slate with high expectations. For us at Yatzer this brand new day which indicates the commencement of the New Year is a significant beginning to our new journey. Every year our first project that we select to share with our readers in order to commence this journey is something that has grasped our excitement sensuality and modernity. This year we welcome you to the launch of the’ Oscar Niemeyer's Refurbishment’ a masterpiece brought to life by the talented creators Felipe Hess and Renata Pedrosa.

This project is exclusively residential, located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. One of the primal reasons we fell in love with it is that It is a 140sqm Oscar Niemeyer creation which was completely demolished with the only remaining structural properties being the columns and shafts which determine the new build division. When you take on the great challenge such as the refurbishment of a Niemeyer you take on the world and since the world is our oyster all can be accomplished.
This project entailed the conversion of an original devised three bedroom interior into an open space contemporary loft. A loft with fluid circulation and grand social spaces with no permanent partitions. In order to achieve this openness the architects,  Felipe Hess and Renata Pedrosa, cleverly divided the private from the social spaces by the introduction of a central block dividing the two activities. Facing the private areas the block contains linen storage and closets, and on the other side looking at the social area it hosts shelving with memorabilia, a built in concrete bench and the absolute naked concrete kitchen. The overall design consists of what we call absolute sexiness. Raw exposed distressed concrete, exposed piping, stark white walls and ceiling protruding symmetry. In combination with these finishes lies the perfect merge with the introduction of wide floor boards and wooden shelving that introduce warmth and sensuality. This controlled order creates an interior which is the epitome of modern loft living with the ambience of contemporary living.

With a great view of the skyline there is also ample of natural daylight that enters the loft. This feature also plays a key role in the open circulation fluidity concept. There are no barriers, no walls, no end of way in the structural design that compliment these passages of ray of light. One of the great aspects of this flat is the steel robust open-able sliding side doors. The bedroom dividers once opened become one with the exposed column and act as part of the design neatly folded on either side. All of these exposed columns and slabs have been retained from the original structure which preserves the buildings history. Opposite the bedrooms full height doors stands proudly an original concrete wall with a 50 year old historical journey which all the flaws have been untouched to also preserve the architectural importance.

Throughout the interiors concrete is also introduced as solid fixed furniture unit. This material escapes the structural scope and becomes part of the usable everyday furniture units. In the kitchen the pure concrete island created by Onofre also protrudes to create a breakfast table. This in turn acts as a kitchen perimeter and in line with the white ceiling it creates a clear and clever division. This plaster white ceiling was introduced in the space to bring warmthness and balance.

Everywhere within the interior there is a surprise element. A character that is dancing around the rigid concrete structure flirting with it. These surprise elements are present by the fun memorabilia on the shelves, by the selective bright coloured furniture & fixture pieces, by the free standing tub in the glazed partition, looking out to the social space. This is the true subtle line between strictly private and teasingly private. To our eyes this interior is full of quirks and imbalances for enthusiastic characters. It is a residence where you initially think that there can be strict perimeters between my entertaining and my solitude. However solitude is meant to be broken, and in this project it can be achieved through cleverness and discretion.

This loft portrays an idea and a lifestyle that we believe in. It expresses the sexiness that a raw material can have, it portrays how important balance is in order to achieve the perfect harmony, it respects personal time while hosting party time and it lets you toy with privacy while allowing you to question just how much you truly need it.

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