[ Fantastic Frank ] The Next Generation of Real Estate Agencies

itseems that the garish days of real estate are over, albeit  in Northern Europe. Swedish real estate agency Fantastic Frank is changing the game taking a novel approach to the conventional world of real estate brokerage by treating each and every home like a 'sleeping beauty'.  Their mission; to coax a property’s potential glamour out of every dull corner, giving every inch of their portfolio a high-end makeover. Equipped with an army of fashion photographers, architectural stylists and the odd model, they descend upon once lackluster properties adding character and eye-catching details as they go along. The results are without fail, mouth-watering and even though their infamous makeovers cost a small fortune, they invariably guarantee a sale at a much higher price. Their philosophy is based on a simple axiom: they’re not interested in creating something that the majority of buyers are going to like. They’re interested in creating something that one person is going to positively LOVE because at the end of the day, a house or apartment can only have one owner. Their job therefore, is to find that one person and seduce them!

The trick is to avoid all the usual places, using their stunning photography to conquer new territory instead. Take the design realm for example: glossy magazines and interiors blogs are swooning over every home. The recipe is simple and very effective: depending on the occasion, the agency chooses to implement one of two visual approaches. 'FRANK' is code name for the polished magazine approach, where traces of everyday life are removed in favor of impeccably arranged interiors. 'Fantastic' on the other hand, draws on daily wear & tear to add vibrancy to an overly stylized space. A piece of half-eaten fruit strategically placed on a kitchen counter implies a healthy lifestyle and a high regard for one’s body. A disco ball implies hidden layers of fun and a quirky sense of high-low glamour. Even a single red glove mysteriously hanging from a door knob can attest to the sartorial fearlessness and refined style of the home owner, because how many women sporting red leather gloves have you seen walking down the street on a cold winter day? And if you have, chances are they’ve bought their house from Fantastic Frank!

Truth be told, they’re probably the only real estate agency in the world that operates on emotion rather than cold-blooded business strategies, looking to make their clients fall in love rather than make a sound investment – because if you’re dealing with Fantastic Frank, quality is always a given.

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