[ Lieven Musschoot ] Baar


Take a Factory vibe, add a touch of Piet Hein Eek, eliminate all glitz – and you end up with Baar.

‘We certainly didn’t want to do a bling thing,’ says Lieven Musschoot as we take in Baar, a new bar, restaurant and club he designed in the über-cool Belgian city of Ghent. ‘We were after more of a street effect. Sort of underground, like Andy Warhol’s Factory. Plus, we wanted a conceptual element in there too.’

The conceptual angle, adds Musschoot, was covered by Piet Hein Eek, who fashioned the bar, sofas and DJ booth upstairs largely from industrial pipes harvested in part from his factory in Eindhoven. Drama is provided by a double-height slice through the centre of the main space. The resulting void showcases a row of Metronoom XXL pendants, designed by Tim Van Steenbergen and manufactured by Delta Light. Cuir Cuir chairs by Luc Vincent for Declerq Design are placed at every table. Elsewhere, recycled operating-theatre lamps lend a surreal accent.

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