*럭셔리 우아한 까르띠에 도쿄 헤드쿼터 Cartier’s Tokyo Headquarters is All About Luxury, Artisanship and Workplace Wellbeing

5osA 2022. 6. 23. 13:00

Cartier’s Tokyo Headquarters is All About Luxury, Artisanship and Workplace Wellbeing
럭셔리와 우아함. 프랑스 쥬얼리 브랜드 까르띠에를 부르는 말이다. 이번 도쿄 오피스는 브랜드를 상징하는 고급스러움과 우아함을 인테리어 디자인 요소로 적용, 우아한 미니멀 공간을 완성한다. 포인트 컬러로 적용된 골드와 레드는 원형 쇼파를 감싸는 핀루버로 확장되는 동시에 레드 쇼파와 다다미룸으로 표현된다.

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*럭셔리, 호텔의 아름다움을 다시 정의하다, 알피나 그슈타트 호텔 [ Jaggi & Partner ] Alpina Gstaad Hotel

클래식은 불변가치의 계승을 기본모토로 친자연적, 친인간적 공간을 지향한다. 스위스 그슈타트 호텔은 겨울스포츠를 즐기는 관광객들에게 평온하며 안락한 휴식 및 숙박을 제공하는 장소로

French jeweler Cartier is synonymous as much with luxury as with innovation –since its founding in 1847, the illustrious brand has been pushing the envelope of jewelry making fueled by a quest for innovation and design excellence. Tellingly, Cartier’s boundary-pushing ethos isn’t limited to its prized artifacts and elegant stores, but extends to every aspect of its business as the brand’s newly refurbished Japanese headquarters in Tokyo attests. Thoroughly revamped by local design studio I IN with a focus on the employee experience, the beautiful, light-filled office not only encapsulates the Maison’s core values of luxury and artisanship but also constitutes a model workplace that fosters wellbeing.

Blessed with verdant views of the Imperial Palace’s gardens, the space combines the calming minimalism of Japanese aesthetics with the French company’s visual identity, design sophistication and savoir faire through a series of bespoke furniture, lighting and artworks. Coupled with flexible workstations, plush lounge areas and bold red and champagne-gold accents, Cartier’s Tokyo headquarters is yet another example of how the Maison’s vision for beauty goes hand in hand with its forward-looking sensibility.

The office feels light and airy thanks to abundant natural light streaming in from the full-height windows, an open-plan configuration, and a muted palette of white, cream and light toned natural wood. Stepping inside, you are welcomed by a circular lounge encased in vertical, floor-to-ceiling louvre panels. Swathed in the brand’s signature red hue, the two semicircular sofas by Tokyo-based Time & Style make for a bold statement, while the diffused illumination and plush textures convey a sense of calmness and comfort.

A gold leaf artwork by the entrance echoes the lounge’s round shape and further underlines the sense of luxury and craftsmanship, as does a custom chandelier in the main work area. Made of wave forming gold louvres, the chandelier crowns a circular communal desk featuring matching gold strips that demarcate individual workstations, and a central planter that adds a dash of greenery.

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