*schemata의 복합 주택 컴플렉스-[schemata’s special program organized by a japanese magazine BRUTUS]

소매 공간과 공장을 겸비한 일본의 프로젝트를 소개한다. 이 프로젝트는 일본잡지 BRUSTUS가 주최한 특별 프로그램의 일환으로 시작되었는데 몇몇 건축가와 집을 단장하고자 하는 독자들을 연결하여 건축주가 자신이 좋아하는 건축가와 함께 주택의 개보수 설계를 진행하는 내용이었다.

젋은 부부의 집인  schemata의 페어링은 거주지이자 공장으로 사용되었던 기존의 건물을 재구성하여 새로운 목재 건물로 설계하였다. 이번 프로젝트는 철재 구조물로 된 특수목적의 공간으로 확장되어 결국 세블록으로 구성된 종합 건물 컴플렉스가 되었다.


japanese architects schemata reveal their latest residential project – a two-part residence once serving as a retail space and a factory. paired with a client brief resulting in an abundance of excess space the studio saw a unique opportunity to safe guard the inhabitants of this residential project for whatever the future may bring.

the project started as part of a special program organized by a japanese magazine BRUTUS, pairing readers who wanted to renovate their houses with several selected architects. matching each reader to his/her favourite architect to design the renovation, schemata architects were paired with a young couple who lived in nobeoka, mizayaki prefecture, japan.

home to a young couple, schemata’s pairing comprised of an existing building, which had served as a residence/factory when the client was a child and an original wood building which started out as a shop. as the business grew, this had expanded with extra purpose-built spaces, both made of steel structures, eventually becoming a building complex composed of three blocks.

with the clients renovating the existing state of the property, combining wood and steel structures, the two-story building boasted 230m2 with a total floor area of 440m2 – a fact that had the architects in disbelief. ‘we wondered, ‘is this really a renovation and not a reconstruction?”, leading architect of the firm, jo nagasaka commented.

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