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garden composting shed by groves-raines architects

a garden composting shed in scotland, designed by nicholas groves-raines of groves-raines architects (GRA). has won an american institute of architects (AIA) excellence in design award for 2010.

detail of the woven bars

conceived as an extension to the garden at inverleith terrace, edinburgh (a detached house remodelled by GRA in 2003) the organic form embraces a 5 tonne boulder and provides a point of interest to both garden visitors and walkers alike on the adjacent water of leith walkway to the north. 

the structure which serves as a composting area and garden store is made entirely from industrial concrete reinforcing bar and is constructed using a technique similar to traditional willow weaving. it rises from the ground flowing upwards from the path edges, also constructed from woven re-bar. the construction method minimises any impact on the ground and surrounding mature woodland as the vertical reinforcing rods are driven straight into the ground rather than using traditional foundations. air and sunlight pass naturally through the structure providing ventilation for composting while creating light
patterns which change constantly throughout the day. 

a full view of the garden composting shed

the green roof is made from EPDM (rubber) lined steel and planted with soft grass which further strengthens the connection with the wooded context.


detail from the inside

the tubes weaved together

first stage of construction - tubes are bent around poles

tubes being shaped

the structure is put in to place

axonometric view


axonometric view

floor plan

west elevation

site plan

initial sketch of composting shed

initial sketch of composting shed

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