[ stefan de vos + jeroen lemans ] trestles 2.0


detailed railroad crossing
1. accessible railroad crossing
2. steel tube
3. water distribution unit
4. bench (cleaning feet)
5. drinkingwater fountain (filled by train)
6. toilet unit (wheelchair accessible)
7. waterfilter
8. toilet (flushed by train)
9. the only wave you don't want to ride (triggered by train)

'trestles 2.0' by dutch architects stefan de vos and jeroen lemans is a proposal for 'safe trestles',  a competition for designing a pathway to serve surfers, the local coastal community and day visitors of san onofre state beach, california.

detailed viewing platform on main path

this project combines the efforts of visitors and passing trains to improve the local wetland area and restore old pathways. travelling bypassers contribute by spreading seeds of threatened plants which characterize this ecosystem. using tools such as slingshots users can spread these seeds that are mounted on the platforms. meanwhile, passing trains are used in the process of irrigation. with the speed of these transportation vehicles, a pump is activated and water is retrieved from its groundwater source. more specifically, the energy produced by the spinning car wheels of trains is converted using dynamo. it is then used to propel several pumps which spray the surrounding plants and seed with water. additionally, the distributed water also fills the surrounding gullies to ensure that enough is available even during low rain periods. in doing
this, trains, once a destructive part of the wetland, becomes a healing resource to the area.

detailed water distribution unit
1. wooden unit
2. opening for maintenance
3. car tire
4. electrical dynamo
5. steel tube
6. water pump
7. hose connecting pump and tube
8. railroad

the new pathways will consist of a few viewing platforms along the area. through the installation of plant life and by allowing visitors resting points along the path, the project seeks to provide travellers with a greater opportunity to enjoy the
surrounding landscape and garner respect for their environment.

viewing platform

site plan

site plan

viewing platforms are interspersed throughout the path

left: existing path. the restoration of the existing path will be done by users meandering through the area.
right: new path. with a few viewing platforms along this new route, this will help to generate a more intense
experience of nature. these viewing platforms allow users to take a moment of rest.

left: platforms outward journey, the arrival route
right: platforms homeward journey, the departing route

'plant the seeds and let the wave do the rest'

diagram showcasing the cycle of water distribution

diagram showcasing energy generation by trains

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