*3d 옷의 진화, anouk wipprecht spider dress 2.0 protects wearer's personal space


dutch fashion-tech designer, anouk wipprecht’s ‘spider dress 2.0′ is a piece of wearable technology which enhances animatronic mechanical limbs with 3D printed sensors, to protect their personal space. responding to external stimuli using proximity and respiration monitors, the garment can define and defend the environment near the user.

Robotic Spider Dress [Intel Edison based] // 2015 teaser from Anouk Wipprecht on Vimeo.

the 3D fabricated sensor based mechatronic dress enabled by the intel edison, acts as an interface between the person and the external world. the animatronic limbs move up to an attacking position when someone approaches the wearer too aggressively, and oppositely, under calmer circumstances, they create smooth gestures to beckon the on-comer closer. anouk wipprecht’s high-technology clothing model will be showcased during the 2015 CES in las vegas.

from  designboom



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