[ Camille Cortet ] Snake&Molting legwear


Amsterdam designer Camille Cortet created these snake-like leggings by cutting triangular apertures into the fabric.

Called Snake&Molting, the pattern changes as the wearer moves and the holes expand and contract.

Above photograph is by Vincent van Gurp.

The information below is from Camille Cortet:

This project is part of the Transformations project.

By observing animal transformations we understand animals’ behaviours that we can connect with and that we would like to have from them. These animal behaviours are inspirations for our own transformations.

The Transformations body-ornaments are about adapting animals’ behaviours to our culture. It is a way to create new gestures and new body languages within clothing and ornaments. Camille Cortet translates the animal’s beauty and finally merge with its behaviour, almost to the point of embodying it.

Snake&molting legwear

Our skin ages through cycles of molt that we can’t notice whereas snakes have to go through exhausting stages in order to escape from their skin that becomes too old and too tigh. This behaviour and experience are translated in a body ornament.

The tights are becoming a second skin, made of a laser cut textile, they become textured with the shape of the body. The second skins evolves with our movements. It ages and breaks as a skin after several uses.



Designed by JB FACTORY