[ cinimodstudio ] Butterfly In Flight

Cinimod Studio was commissioned by the Itsu restaurant group to create a bespoke lighting feature for their restaurants.   The brief was to capture the elegance and freshness of their brand while bringing a new excitement and visual prominence to the stores.

Butterfly In Flight from Cinimod Studio on Vimeo

Cinimod developed a concept inspired by Itsu’s butterfly motif which was brought to life as an animated visible sculpture.    The dynamic form is based upon the cinematic motion of a butterfly’s wings as it takes flight.

This was modelled as a continuous sequence in 3D software and then sliced at time intervals to determine the evolving angled shapes which comprise the final artwork.

The illusion of the butterfly’s flight is completed by the bespoke software controlling the colour of each wing, allowing for the illuminated and highly visible ‘fluttering’ of butterflies through the piece.

Itsu Butterfly in FlightItsu Butterfly in Flight The final result is a surreal and ephemeral lighting sculpture that provides an adventurous and effective addition to the Itsu store design.

from  cinimodstudio



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