meet the unusually square tailored thrive motorcycle t 005 cross


로우 클래식; 디자인의 본질을 디자인 하다.

designed and built for a graphic designer, thrive motorcycles created the unique squarish shape ’t 005 cross’. based on the 2008 yamaha ‘scorpio’, the shop constructed a whole new sub frame to engineer a clean look under the seat and maximize the horizontal body frame. constructed from brushed aluminum plates, the ’t 005 cross’ is a complete custom job with a stainless steel exhaust, and distinctive handlebar layout. 

to guarantee more control, the team used a raised handlebar with exclusive clutch and brake levers and a smartphone mounting dashboard. in keeping with the minimal style thrive motorcycles blended the turning lights to ends of the handlebar. finishing touches like a custom skid plate to cover the engine from dirt and rocks, as well as modified footsteps with improved grips that match the chrome shifter and brake controls. thrive motorcycles ’t 005 cross’ was painted in two colors, ‘gun metal’ grey and solid black to give a distinctive contrast. the club is based in jakarta, indonesia and is on a mission to continually create expressive motorbikes for customers who love to ride.

from  designboom



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