*Valpoi 복합시설 공공건물-[ Rahul Deshpande and Associates ] alpoi Busstand and Community Hall


고아 정부는 서 고츠의 작은 도시인 Valpoi에 멀티유틸리티 공공 건물을 짓기로 했다. 이 곳에는 버스 정거장, 커뮤니티 홀 및 조깅 트랙를 갖춘 어린이를 위한 공원 시설이 구비되어야 했다. 건물 단지는 운영, 기능, 관리에 있어 모든 시설이 독자적으로 운영하면서 유지비용이 무료여야만했고, 예산 또한 적었다.

지역적 특성 상 6월부터 10월에 걸처 상당한 강우량을 보이고 있어 이에 대한 대비도 필요했고 이 때문에 삼각형의 노출 라테라이트 벽은 주변 풍경 속 산들처럼 존재하고 있어 이곳을 방문하는 사람들에게 방위에 대한 감각을 제시한다.

Valpoi는 상당한 강우량과 번개, 천둥의 갑옷을 두른 구름이 자주 출몰하는 서부 고츠에 자리잡고 있기에 경이로운 자연을 사로잡는 디자인에 대한 열망이 그대로 드러난 건물이 탄생하였다.

Government of Goa proposes to construct a multi-utility public building in Valpoi, a small town in the Western Ghats. It had to include a Bus Stand, a Community Hall and a Children Park with a Jogging track. The Building complex required to be maintenance free and in low budget, with all units independent in their operations, function and administration.Valpoi being nestled in the magnificent Western Ghats is often frequented by an army of hovering clouds that carry with them an armour of lightning and thunder. The design aspires to capture this wonder of nature.

Architects: Rahul Deshpande and Associates
Location: Valpoi, Goa 403506, India
Architect in Charge: Rahul Deshpande
Area: 2862.0 sqm
Project Year: 2013
Photographs: Courtesy of Rahul Deshpande
Manufacturers: Anutone Acoustics Limited, Jaquar, TATA

Valpoi faces an annual rainfall of 200 inches from June to October. The design evolved in response to the brief and the climate. The plan therefore is Compact, less Porous, yet Open in its attitude, well ventilated and adequately lit.

The triangular exposed laterite walls masquerading as mountains in the landscape, gives a sense of direction to the visitor and his eye, being sheltered by an overpowering yet graceful metal clad roof which floats as a cloud, at times teases to express itself as a stroke of lighting. A deliberate attempt to create an illusion of suspension and lightness, is pulled off through a series of eloquent cantilevering roofs and unattached walls.

The Bus stand is an independent entity boasting with its wide entry and exit, 10 parking bays and 9 idle parking. Its plan is commuter friendly, spacious and open. It provides for shops, waiting areas, toilets and drivers rest areas. The overwhelming roof shelters the buses and commuters from the scorching heat and the fury of rains. The Security House and the Toilet block though separate units blend into the fabric of design.

The Community Hall 
“The journey is more important than the destination”- precisely the notion of the design. Through a labyrinth of laterite wall passages you reach the Community hall welcoming you with its vastness and silence. The decor is minimal, the lighting cleverly restrained and space wonderfully sublime.

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