[ IDIN Architects ] Choui Fong Tea Cafe 2


Since the first Chouifong Tea Cafe began operation in 2015, the Chouifong plantation has gained plenty of tourists’ attentions and became one of the most famous tourist attractions in Chiangrai. Due to such an excess of tourists in the first cafe, Chouifong Tea Cafe 2 is established in order to serve the need. The second phase is located on the plantation hill near the first cafe. Before the operation of the cafe, there were factory and retail in the area, then the new cafe is built replacing the retail, near the factory, where beautiful view is seen.

The project consists of a dining area with 250 seats, a large souvenir shop and the exhibition area where the staffs demonstrate tea making, and where the histories are told. However, the significant concern in this project is the universal design because after the first cafe has been operated for years, it is found that family groups with elders are the main clients of the projects. The designers propose the project’s floor to be in rectangular shape that allows most areas to face the view. Unlike the first cafe which was pushed down into the land allowing visitors to see panoramic view on the top, the Chouifong Tea Cafe 2 stands on the hill because it has massive usable area and there is the existing factory nearby.


The main concept of the design is to provide visitors with clear plantation view and close to the natural surroundings without inconveniences for elders and disabled people, thus design must deal with these conditions efficiently. To widen the scenery in the slope area, the dining area is split into several steps following the land contour. This allows all customers from every table to see the view with different eye’s level. Moreover, to prevent the dining area from heavy rain, the in-between space with extended eaves is added to cover the dining area. Under the eaves, the ramp is provided surrounding the dining area, and this allow the handicapped to access all platforms.


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