[ Peter van der Jagt, Erik Jan Kwakkel 
and Arnout Visser ] DTILE


Dutch designers Peter van der Jagt, Erik Jan Kwakkel and Arnout Visser have developed a system of kitchen tiles that fit round corners to cover all surfaces of a kitchen without breaking up the grid of grouting.

Called DTILE, the product features various corner pieces and ties that integrate fixtures like plug holes and sockets.

The designers were unable to find a suitable manufacturer and eventually bought a tile factory themselves.

Here’s some more information from the designers:


We love tiles. And tile work.

But tile work is, strangely enough, not defined by tiles, but by its joint.

And we love this grid so much that we do not want to interrupt it.

For any reason. Not because one might need a function, or for the fact that the world is three-dimensional and tiles are not.

We have therefore created a series of functional tiles, integrating functionalities in tile work. This enables us to create grids that aren’t disturbed by a sink or a sink stopper, a tap, a cutting board, a wall socket, or a drawer. DTILE can incorporate any function in a tile – and we are open to suggestions to make our range of functional tiles even more versatile. Anything that’s required to tile the world…

And construction tiles. This enables any object or space to be covered with a tile blanket. Tiles are two dimensional, but the world is not. We have devised a system, which enables one to tile three dimensionally. One simply designs a space, object or function in a 15 by 15 by 15 grid, and the DTILE system allows one to cover it with a blanket of tiles.

The system enables the user and designer, whether being architect, stylist, contractor, investor, distributor or end users to design and build a unique, made to measure special tile environment.

We aim to the tile the world, and believe our system fits the requirements to do so. Not just kitchens or bathrooms. But also espresso machines, car washes, woodstoves, marketplaces and all we haven’t thought off. Jet.

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