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PARIS MATCH, Sylvie Santini, 15 juin 2005

”It looks like a giant display of potted plants, it sings in the breeze - and it's one of the best places to live in Paris."
THE GUARDIAN, Jonathan Glancey , 20/04/2004.
“And unbelievable though it may be, the real thing is even more impressive than the models. When viewed from certain angles, the two-toned grey exterior disappears behind a veritable jungle of vegetation. To see each floor as a distinct unit, the observer must face the building, on one side or another, head on. Staggered storeys form a high-rise that resembles a temporary stack of Lego blocks. Tall bamboo plants rise from rows of 1.2-metre-high white flowerpots (400 in all) that line the narrow balcony ledges of the building. In full foliage, the plants project the remarkable image of a verdure-clad building – a mass of rampant growth that lacked, at the outset, an unerringly predictable outcome. One preliminary study depicts a giant cloud of fading, yellowish-white candyfloss, indicating the fluffy appearance of a plant-covered building gasping in the final stages of a long, hot summer. The real building looks more like a fresh, green day in spring, and will continue to do so, says the (slightly hesitant) architect. Whatever course nature takes, the building seems both familiar and natural – and, of course, exceedingly strange.”
FRAME, Louise Schouwenberg, novembre 2004


예전 frame 잡지에 나와서 여러가지 의미로 깜짝에나 놀랐었던...


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