VVM illuminates rijksmuseum passage with bicycle lightbattle


an interactive bicycle and light artwork by joost van bergen, dirk schlebusch and onne walsmit of venividimultiplex illuminates a passage of the rijksmuseum in the netherlands. installed as part of the amsterdam light festival, ‘lightbattle’, the illuminated work consists of an open arch of nearly five thousand fluorescent tubes, spanning over a cycling lane. on each side stands five bicycles, posing the challenge for passersby to pedal the bright blue and red lights from one side of the walk way to the other, determining the strongest rider. as they pedal, energy is generated, creating a radiating arch as they try and defeat their opponents.

‘lightbattle’ lightbattle is freely accessible, every day from 9 am to 23 pm, until january 19th and has been made possible by the rijksmuseum and is sponsored by inventdesign and DHL express.

from  designboom


Designed by JB FACTORY