*3d 포토, 순간을 기억하다 Party-Omote 3D Shashinkan


순간을 현실화 한다. 당신 그리고 가족 또는 연인을 모습을 담은 3차원 포토를 제공한다. 약 15분 가량의 3차원 스캐닝을 통해 입력된 디지털 모델을 20cm, 15cm, 10cm 의 작은 크기, 피규어로 3d프린팅한다. 10cm 크기로 기준으로 엔화 21,000이 상당한 부담이지만, 조금더 지나면 현실적인 가격에 접근하지 않을까 싶다.

Customers visiting a pop-up 3D photo booth in Tokyo from tomorrow can take home miniature colour models of themselves

The Omote 3D Shashinkan project, by Japanese creative agency Party, will allow customers to buy models of themselves in three sizes: small (10cm high), medium (15cm) and large (20com).

Prices start at ¥ 21,000 (around £160) for the smallest size, with discounts available for family groups.

Customers first have to stand perfectly still for around 15 minutes while staff scan them with a handheld scanner. The figurines are then printed on a colour 3D printer.

Shashinkan is the Japanese term for photo booth.

Omote 3D Shashinkan opens tomorrow at Gyre, a shopping centre in Omotesando designed by MVRDV, and runs until 14 January. Sessions need to be booked online in advance.

Earlier this week US 3D printing company Makerbot opened a 3D photo booth at its New York store, although it only produces models of customers' heads. See all our stories about 3D printing.

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