[ Triendl Und Fessler Architekten ] Low Budget Brickhouse, Bisamberg, Vienna, Austria


The clients asked Triendl Und Fessler Architekten for an inexpensive house with a maximum of spatial qualities.

The volume was conceived as a introverted courtyard typology, responding to local development structures. The shut roadside facade expresses the desire for a private retreat on the outskirts of Vienna.

Low Budget Brickhouse, Bisamberg, Vienna, Austria
Program: single-family house
Architects: Triendl Und Fessler Architekten
Project management: Bernadette Luger
Employees: Jakob Poppinger
Area: 140 sqm
Completion: 2015

The L ‐ shaped floor plan offers diverse spatial relationships and creates an exciting space continuum around the patio together with garage and workshop. The double high kitchen forms the heart of the house and the covered terrace forms its generous continuation to the outside.

The workshop may be expanded to a small apartment in connection with the upper floor. The monolithic structure consists of 50 cm thick monolithic brick walls and ensures an optimal indoor climate without additional insulation.

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