*LA 광고대행사의 창의적 공동작업공간-[advertising agency Canvas in LA]


광고대행사 Canvas의 사무실 내 공동작업공간에는 이색유리로 만든 파티션이 있다. 이 파티션은 각도에 따라 다양한 색상으로 변화한다. 이곳은 뉴욕기반의 A+I가 완성하였는데 직원문화가 존재하지 않고 정채성도 없었떤 이전의 사무공간을 변화시켜, 진화하는 목적을 위한 작업방식을 위한 목적으로 만들어지는 공간을 창출하기 위해 노력하였다.


Shared workspaces within the offices of advertising agency Canvas have partitions made of dichroic glass, which change colour when viewed from different angles.

Located in the Playa Vista neighbourhood of Los Angeles, the project was completed by New York-based architects A+I. The new offices encompass 36,000 square feet (3,344 square metres) of open-plan workspaces over two floors that are split up by meeting rooms, informal spaces, and private offices.

From the outset, the architects faced a blank slate. "The company had no purpose-built space that preceded this, no employee culture they were designing around and no identity yet to perpetuate," said A+I.

Their challenge was to design for a young agency that was still defining its work culture. "How do you define a design for a company that has an expressed interest in remaining undefined? How do you create purpose-built space for working methods of evolving purpose?" the architects asked.

The outcome is a flexible office that emphasises open workspaces, but intersperses them with more secluded areas for holding meetings or concentrating on specific tasks.

At the centre of the plan is the "all hands space". This area is large enough to accommodate everyone in the firm, and the architects define it as a "a multi-purposed social, meeting, and event space".

Different types of workspaces are laid out around this central gathering area. Because individual workstations were placed near the building's periphery, every employee has access to natural light.

Collective spaces are denoted by bright partitions of dichroic glass. This material consists of a film coating that changes the colour of light passing through it.

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