[ m+o ] Les Queues de Sardines

It was during the two World Wars when women limited by fabric rationing restrictions and yet not wanting to abandon their appearance came up with a solution of painting their legs with make up or asking a friend to draw a straight line down the bag of their legs so as to show that they were wearing stockings ? or even mostly in Middle Eastern countries women were and still decorate their legs or special occasions with beautiful drawings and patterns made of henna ? and in today’s Western contemporary civilization most of fashion houses come up with collections of stockings of different kinds makings us realize that it has been a long time now that stockings have been an essential part of our wardrobes.
Le Queues de Sardines is a registered trademark of the French m+o design studio created by Marion and Olivier and based in Normandie, France. The design couple illustrate their creative ideas on unconventional hand- printed pairs of stockings. The outcome is stylish, funny, elegant and mostly interesting stockings that would never leave your legs go unnoticed.

Vibrant colors, smart graphics, excellent print quality and most importantly different styles to match everyone’s taste. The designers often pick humorous illustrations which surely make the best impression.
The designed team recently released their latest collection of Spring/Summer 2010 which is available to view online at Les Queues de Sardines.

Note that all designs are produced in limited quantities therefore its most likely that you will be the only one wearing them…which is thought to be another plus.

from  yatzer


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