[frank gehry] venice architecture biennale 08



for the 11th annual venice architecture biennale, frank gehry looked to what he considers as one of the most

fundamental design tools, the model. large-scale models have always played an important role in the

realization of an architectural project, giving one a sense of space, construction details, scale and materiality

of the design before it is actually built. for inspiration, gehry looked to the photographs of frédéric auguste

barholdi's studio taken during the construction of the plaster and wood molds for the statue of liberty and

wanted to create a work in progress.


for the installation titled 'ungapatchket', gehry selected a hotel project which the firm is currently designing in

moscow for russian senator sergei gordeev. the façade of the model is 1/25 of the building's actual size.

its construction is done through the application of clay to a supporting egg-crate frame which expresses the

geometric forms of the hotel's façade. built from 30cm x 30cm timbers, the framework is displayed within the

space of the arsenale. during the course of the biennale, clay will be applied to the structure, giving visitors

the opportunity to view the work in progress.


frank gehry is this year's recipient of the golden lion for lifetime achievement. known for pushing the boundaries

of the 'box' he was awarded for his experimental art and architecture practices.


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