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말로 대학병원은 스코네 지역의 거대한 시설물 중 하나로 시에프몰러에 의해

실린더 형태로 디자인된다. 지역적 커뮤니티와 하이테크 스페이스의 만남

malmö university hospital, one of skåne's largest employers and most important companies, is now housed in a CF moller-designed cylindrical structure. the university hospital area is a rapidly developing, hi-tech science center and is becoming increasingly bolstered by infrastructural projects like a city tunnel and public transportation, both of which converge at the site. the competition-winning proposal distinguished itself with a round, drum-like form that served to both exceed the logistical requirements of infectious disease healthcare as well as create an embracing, welcoming tectonic composition of colorful volumes and glass. terraced, plastered facades are cut by polychrome masses and protected by weather-deflecting glazed panes. design becomes a form of infection control, in that patients enter an isolated ward via an airlocked hallway that surrounds the building. interior and exterior elevators have expressly different purposes; patients of the units and hospital waste use the former, while staff, supplies and clean materials use the latter. following the principles of evidence-based design, single patient rooms for shorter stays are relegated to specific areas so as to avoid medical errors and each ward can be cordoned off into smaller units in the event of an epidemic. quality daylight and colorful finishes have been consciously employed to hasten the healing process and create a comfortable, therapeutic environment. the acute care department occupies the ground floor, upon which the glazed superstructure rests. three levels are dedicated to the clinic while the top floor serves as the technology center and link to the existing surgery and ambulance buildings.

architecture: LINK arkitektur AS and CF Möller
client: Regionservice Skåne
size: 25 800 m2

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