When I walked into the deep forest of the Shenwang Line of Baofu Town, Anji, for the first time two years ago, I felt that life is was so nice, noiseless in the forest with the bird’s singing. As a designer who has been living and working in the city for a long time, the mountains, bamboo, water, fog, birdsong, and air have brought unprecedented feelings. The previous old houses, but now the guests come from afar. The team invested two years of hard work and time in this project.

This is the closest place to nature I have encountered since I started designing. The old house is located on the mountainside, the highest altitude, the climate is rich and diverse, the woods and bamboos are lush, and the mountain scenery in the distance. Getting along with the owner Mr. Wu who commissioned our design and has been the owner of the old house for decades. These temperature-related emotions seem to me to be the most scarce and valuable factor in the design process.


For such a remote project, the geographical location is so unique, and the development of the design will be relatively difficult that we should control the overall pattern, breadth, depth, cost, and various details. Initially, from filling, repairing, pouring, barriers, stone, planting trees, diverting water from the mountain to interior design, landscape design, soft furnishing. Owner Lao Wu has invested more energy than anyone in the past two years. During the process of design, he really supported and trusted us.

The original site has two buildings. One is an old, rammed earth structure that seems to have gone through decades of storms. The vicissitudes are exposed in the old wall and tiles. The other is a peasant house with only a basic structure that has not been completed. We were curious about the dialogue and collision between the two buildings. At that time, we planned the functions of the two buildings and used the life scene to connect this old and new buildings. The experience of an old house, the comfort of the new house. Certainly, what is most emphasized is the deep experience of nature. There are window frames and scenery in specific locations, and special temperaments and feelings created. The design of the rooms in the new building is simple and soft. The whole space is exquisite and gentle. Every space contains the scenery and the smell of the natural surroundings. A white building has a minimally clean wall, and the other one deliberately cut off the skin to reveal the rough texture of rammed earth. We made the new building float above the water, and the old building's performance is solid and full of spirit. Water can reflect the distant mountains well. When walking in space, the parallel view is visible.


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