tom fereday pays homage to wes anderson in furniture collection for zenith


sydney-based designer tom fereday bases his creative processes in the celebration of materials and manufacture, connecting with people through tactile finishes and innovative designs. with the ‘wes’, his latest collection for zenith interiors, he has created a soft yet striking appearance that pays homage in name, to the film director wes anderson. over a year in development, the ‘wes’ range highlights the skill and craftsmanship of australian made upholstery. sculpted and manipulated by hand over a uniquely designed timber frame, the ‘wes’ collection conveys complex yet minimal forms with entirely seamless constructions from every angle. contrasting piping celebrate the soft form of the lounge with elegant and vibrant colors. honest design from inside out, the ‘wes’ furniture set is made entirely from eco plywood and finished with solid ash legs and natural fabrics.

from designboom


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