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Slash Objects-Unbroken

Unbroken is a exhibition featuring minimal furniture by Brooklyn-based designer Arielle Assouline Lichten of Slash Objects. In the realm of contemporary design, Arielle Assouline-Lichten’s latest collection, “Unbroken,” boldly challenges convention, emphasizing the inherent beauty of transience and the often overlooked elegance of imperfection. The collection, now showcased alongside her renowned studio Slash Objects’ signature pieces such as the Coexist Collection and the Adri Chair, draws on Assouline-Lichten’s unique design ethos — turning a discerning eye to commonly disregarded materials and reimagining them in a fresh, refined context. “Unbroken” is an exploration of contrasts, using shattered fragments of marble and onyx to create furniture and lighting fixtures that dance on the edge of chaos and order.

Assouline Lichten’s innovative approach involves embracing the irregular shapes of found stone slabs, using their unique constraints to inform the design of each piece. The decision to preserve the fractured edges, far from being a mere aesthetic choice, imparts a sense of history to each piece, reminding the observer of the enduring nature of these materials. The collection serves as a profound commentary on our throwaway culture, underlining the value of durability and the charm of imperfection. Assouline-Lichten’s work with Slash Objects has consistently demonstrated a knack for reinterpreting everyday materials in unexpected ways, and “Unbroken” is no exception. The collection embodies the designer’s conviction that design can — and should — transcend the fleeting, disposable nature of our era, focusing instead on the longevity of materials and the stories they carry within themselves.


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